Ofcom Licensing

If you have a UK Amateur Radio license, you should update or check it is current periodically, i.e address or name changes.As licenses can be free for life now this is now done via the Ofcom online portal.



You may previously have used the older system to re-validate your license within the 5 year time frame. However if you have tried to access the portal recently (Late 2016/Early 2017) the login details didn’t work. This is what i found:


“I called Ofcom this morning (1st Jan 2017) and they were closed (bank hols). But there was an answer message saying all marine or amateur users who had used the online service previously would not be able log in (new system) and would need to re register. I did this using my email i had used before and it successfully updated the login and portal page where i could access the info again after choosing a new password from the auto email link”

Once logged in you can print/download or amend certain details.

If you click on the head shape next to your logged in name (top right) and click “edit my details” the system displays your name/address etc, if you check these are correct then press the green update button it date stamps your changes which essentially validates your license again.